Adding contacts to MailChimp email list

Get registered at MailChimp
Go to Profile > Extras > API Keys. Create an API Key and copy it.
At Tilda, go to the Site Settings > Forms > MailChimp, enter your API Key into the field "MAILCHIMP API KEY".
Go back to MailChimp and create a new list. This will be your email address database. It will store data from the forms of your page at Tilda.

Go to the Settings and copy the ID number.
Go back to Tilda > Site Settings > Forms > MailChimp and enter your ID into the field "EMAIL LIST CODE".

Add the email and the domain the website will use after publishing and then click "Activate". There can be several domains.
Go back to the page with the form and open the menu of the "Content" block.
Check "Connected Services" and "MailChimp". Enter hints for the fields, the button text and message to display in the event of successful data capture.

Publish the page. The contact form is ready!
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