Receiving responses from forms in Telegram

Open Telegram, find and click @TildaFormsBot, then click [Start].
Important: You can add @TildaFormsBot to a group in Telegram. Use the option Add Members in the group. Write to chat /start, then follow the instructions for adding bot dialogue for one user.
After clicking [Start], you will see a message containing the API key and Secret key. Add this information to your Telegram page on Tilda.
Go to Site Settings > Forms > Telegram
Add to the form the API key and Secret key that you've received from Telegram. If you have your own domain or you plan to have one in the future, go to General Form Settings where you should specify all the domain options where you plan to place the forms.
Click Save.
If everything is done correctly, Telegram will receive the message Data sources Telegram added in Tilda. The list of receivers will appear on your screen.
Go the page with the form, open the menu in the Content block. Tick the box next to Telegram, then publish the page. Your form is ready.

If something isn't working, make sure that your page opens at the same address as the one you've specified in the form settings.
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