How to send responses from forms to services
by using Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that receives and sends data between services.
Workflows between services are called Zaps. Services are knows as Apps. A Trigger is an event that sets an action in motion. A prompt about where to send data and how to modify it, is an Action.

For example, let's create a workflow, or a Zap, between Tilda and Trello. When a user fills out a form on your website (Trigger), this information is sent to Zapier before being automatically added to Trello (Action).
Integrating Zapier and Tilda
Open your Tilda account. Then open Site Settings > Forms. Select Zapier from the list of services.
Zapier App Key and Site ID are the parameters you need to integrate Tilda and Zapier.

Click Save.
Go to Zapier.

Follow the link: and accept the invitation to connect.
Currently, the integration of Tilda and Zapier has beta status, so you need to follow the link above. If you already have a Zapier account, click the link, then enter your login and password.
Create a Zap.

Click the buttons Make a Zap or Make a New Zap.
A Zap is created in two stages: choosing an app and a trigger and indicating an action.

Click Choose App and search for Tilda Publishing. Tilda is a Trigger App.
Tilda has only one trigger: it is called the New Lead and it is installed by default. Click Save+Continue.
During the next step, click Connect Account, in the new window enter your Zapier App Key in the field API Key and your Site ID in the field Site ID.

Zapier App Key and Site ID can be found in Site Settings > Forms > Zapier.
Click Save. Next stage is 'Test this Step'
Important: before testing a Zap, you need to send data via a form on your website where Zappier is connected. This step is necessary for Zapier to receive a number of fields for the form. The names of the fields will be sent to another app automatically.
Add any block with a form to the page. Put a checkbox in Content menu opposite Zappier. Publish the page, fill the form and send data.
Now go to Zappier again. Press the button ' Fetch and Continue'. The success message will appear.
Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Tilda and Zapier. Your next step is to add an action: Indicate what should be done with the data you receive. Here's how you can send form responses to Trello, phone messages and SendPulse.
How to send form data to Trello
Go to Trello, create a new board for your leads and give it a name such as Trello CRM, for example. Create your lists on the new board.
Go back to the step of adding an action on Zapier. You got there by clicking an orange button Continue while you were at the previous step (adding a trigger).
How to get SMS notifications about form responses
After adding the trigger according to the instructions above, add a service that will notify you about form responses via SMS messages. ClickSend SMS is one of Zapier's most popular text message services. It is a paid service.

To connect, set up your account and create a Tilda trigger, as described above.
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