How to insert html code

You can add unique elements to your page.
If you are after some specific function, use the block "Insert html". It works for any code, including script style tags.
To add the block to your page, go to Block Library > Other.
In the editing and preview mode, the code will appear as text only. To make it operational, the page should be published.
You can use a ready-made code offered by various platforms or, if you have some unique element, order one from developers.
Examples of various platforms:
Timelines — Timeline.knightlab
Interactive maps — Storymap.knightlab
Sound — SoundCloud
Online ticket sale — Timepad, Weemss
Interactive images — Thinglink
Feedback — Uservoice
Online shops — Ecwid или Shopify
Feedback forms — Wufoo или Jotform
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