How to add products

Use blocks featuring product cards from the Store category to add products to your page.
How to add products using Product Catalog
Add any Product cards block from the Store category, e.g. ST305N.
Go to the Block Content. and click on "Go to the Product Catalog" link. You will be moved to the Catalog page.

Also there is an option to show catalog category or whole catalog in this block.
Important note: If you've previously added products in the Block Content, you can transfer them to the Product Catalog using a link in the Block Content.
Go to the Product Catalog. There will be a general list of all products.
Click on «Add product» button and add its title, description and product photos. If your products have variants, please add an option (like color, size, etc.) and set a product variant, e.g. "Black T-Shirt M size".

Every variant may contain its option values, its price and stock quantity.
Every product could have a additional options (product add-ons) which could affect to final price, e.g. gift wrap or additional accessories.
Additional options tab let you configure that.
Each product can belong to one or several categories. You can assign a category in a product card.

Click on the "Categories" link in the top menu to manage categories.
Manage categories by adding new ones. Categories are needed for more convenient product management. Also it allows to display only certain categories of products in store blocks.
What about product SEO? Do products appear in search results?
Yes. There is a separate sitemap file /sitemap-store.xml for products which is generated automatically. It can be added to Google Search Console and Yandex Webmaster.

Read more about using of Google Search Console in our guide to SEO.
Manual method
For example, add block ST03N to your page.
Click on the Content button to replace stock photos and texts with your own.
You may edit the headline, subhead, prices and product descriptions on the page.
After you've uploaded photos, added products descriptions and prices, your product cards are ready.

Finally, add a shopping cart and connect an online payment system if you're using one.
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