How to confirm your customer's domain ownership

Adding meta tags
Click Add property.
Select 'HTML tag' and copy the meta tag.
Go to Tilda. Open Site settings > More > Confirm ownership. Add the meta tag in the line Code to verify your site ownership for Google. Save the settings and publish the site.
Return to Google Webmaster Central and click Verify. Your website ownership is now verified.
3) Adding a TXT record to a domain registrar
Click Add property.
On the next page, select Alternative methods > Domain names provider > Other. Copy the TXT entry.
Go to your domain registrar's website. Find the DNS panel. Select TXT from a drop-down menu, then add the TXT entry from the previous step.
DNS entries can take up to 72 hours to update. This depends on your registrar.

Once the entry's been updated, go to Google Webmaster Central and click Verify.
Your rights have been verified.
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