How to get captured data by email

Important: you have to open all emails which will be delivered to your mailbox and delete them only after opening to prevent marking them as spam. If you delete unread emails, the receiver can be removed from your account.
Go to Site Settings > Forms > Email
Enter the email address you want data to be sent to and the domain of your future website. There can be several domains.

If, for instance, the name of your project at Tilda is, but you are going to use your own domain or host the project at your server, then you should enter the domain your website will be using in the end.

Click "Send email to confirm".
You will see a field to insert the activation code. Click "Activate".
Make sure the correct email and domain are listed.

Go back to the page with the form and open the menu of the "Content" block.
Check "connected services" and "email." Insert hints for the fields, the button text and message to display in the event of successful data capture.
Publish the page. The contact form is ready!

If anything fails to work, please make sure your page has the same address you entered in the form settings.

If you seem to receive no emails, check the "Spam" folder.
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