How to add contacts to MailerLite email list

MailerLite — is a free service to send campaigns and deliver emails to subscribers. You will need the API key to assign MailerLite to Tilda.
Click on the icon on the right upper corner in your Mailerlite account and choose Integrations.
Select 'Use' across the Developer API.
Copy the API key.
Get back to Tilda, find Site Settings → Forms → Mailerlite
Paste the key and click on 'Next'.
Выберите список контактов, из тех, что созданы в вашем аккаунте Mailerlite. Если вам нужен новый список, создайте его заранее в аккаунте Mailerlite. Сохраните изменения.

Select the List where emails to be collected. The new list must be created in your Mailerlite account in advanced.

Assign MailerLite to Tilda few times, if you want to collect emails in different lists.
Choose 'Assign Service to all forms on the website' if you need to receive submissions from each form on the website.

Navigate to the page with the form and open the menu of the 'Content' block. Find 'Connected Services' and tick the checkbox 'Mailerlite'.
Publish the page. The form is ready.
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