How to send data
to Trello

Trello is a project management system that can be used as a CRM tool for small volumes of data. Continue reading on how to connect Trello forms with Tilda.
Go to Site settings → Forms → Trello
Next, click Connect Trello and allow Tilda access to your Trello account by typing in your Trello login and password.
Next, select the board and the list for your leads. Both the board and the list must be set up in advance.
Save the settings. As you save, the message 'Assign service to all forms on the website?' will appear. Confirm or skip this action.
Go to the page with the form, open the Content menu of the block and tick the box next to Trello. Publish the page.
After the service has been connected, you may go to the Trello settings (use the Edit button) and set the subject of the application. Use the following variables as your subject:

{{email}} — email
{{phone}} — phone
{{date}} — date of lead
{{formname}} — name of the form
{{formid}} — form ID
{{domain}} — domain
{{referrer}} — page URL
{{amount}} — amount
{{orderid}} — order ID
{{requestid}} — request ID

The word in the curly brackets will be substituted with your chosen value.
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