Receiving data from forms to your script with Webhook

Use webhooks, a system of automated notifications, to receive data from forms to your script. A notification will be delivered to you by POST.
To activate Webhook, go to Site settings > Forms > Webhook
Add the address of your script. Tick the appropriate box if you need to add cookies. Click Save.
Go to the page and click Webhook in the Content menu of the block with the form.

Save, then publish the page. When someone fills in the form, the data will be sent through POST to the address of the script you have specified in your settings.
A sample script that pushes data to your inbox
Place the script on your server, add its address to your Webhook settings. A webhook will deliver information to your email address.

$headers = "From:";
 $message = print_r($_POST,true);
 @mail('', 'Tilda TEST', $message, $headers);


You can connect your script, which will receive data from the form, in the block settings. Go to settings, click Receive data from forms twice, choose the option of connecting the script. [video]

The information will be sent by POST. Names of variable fields can be changed in the block settings. Data can also be sent without reloading the page using AJAX.
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