How to redirect website visitors based on location
Block T808 lets you redirect visitors to a specific page based on their location. For example, visitors from Moscow, London, Turkey or the United States will see different versions of the same page.
Add Block T808 from the category "Other" in the block library in the bottom of the page in web editor.
This block has two parameters: link and geo parameter.

Link: Add a link for the page a user will be redirected to, based on their location.

Geo parameter can be selected from a list using the button "Select location". You can select a country; country and region; country, region and city.
Use cards in the block to add several redirected pages. Redirection goes live after you save and publish the page.
Example of usage

You have an English-language corporate blog with a separate page in French dedicated to your French-speaking clients. You want them to be directed automatically to the page containing your posts in French. →

Add Block T804 with the following values to the blog's main page:
Now your France-based clients, who type in the address bar, are redirected to
To test what your page looks like in a given region, why not use applications that enable users to view the website as if they were based in a different region.

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