How to restrict access to a website

How to set password or set restriction by IP
To set a password or put in IP that allows watching a website, go to Site Settings → Privacy, put in login and password or IP.
Limited access is necessary if you want to restrict website visible for specific people, and if you want to forbid indexing a website by search engines, for instance, while you don't assign a working domain name or don't finish working on a website.
Also here you can find setting ''

В этом же разделе есть настройка запрета индексации сайта. Ее можно использовать, но чтобы поисковики не индексировали сайт, лучше использовать логин и пароль.
You can limit access to the whole website only. It is not possible to set password for the separate page now. We are working on this feature.
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