Setting up MailChimp mailing list

Enabling users to subscribe to mailing list with the help of the MailChimp service.
Go to, Click on Sign Up
Get registered. Go to the LISTS tab. Choose a list to add new emails.
Go to the Signup Forms tab > Embedded forms
Go to Super Slim tab
There, find the html code of the form and copy it a text-based editor.
Past html code a text-based editor.

You need two lines of the code:
1. The one that comes in the inverted commas in the property action of the tag form
2. Another one that also comes in the inverted commas, but belongs to the tag input, property name. This tag can be easily found with the help of the figure -5000px next to the tag div, which is on the left.
Go back to Tilda.
In the Block Library, choose the Form and Button block > Form with Input and Submit Button
1. Add the value to the field Form Action (Content)
2. Add the value to the field Variable Hidden Input Name (Settings)
3. Make sure that the field Variable Name contains the value EMAIL
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