How to add complementary products

Before adding a product to the cart, buyers can select complementary products such as gift packaging, for example.
Add complementary products options in the Content menu

Go to Content. In the Variants field, click Add option.
Enter an 'option name' in the field on the lefthand side. Then enter option values with a line break between each value in the field to the right.
If you'd like to have a grand total of the product price and a complementary product or service, add =+ after the product price and enter the price of the complementary product or service.
Save the page, then close it. Now the product page has an additional parameter and a drop-down menu.
Add a shopping cart to your page, then publish the page.

Your customer can now select complementary products before adding an item to the cart. The seller will see the add-on when they receive a new order notification.
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