How to add product parameters

Before adding a product to a shopping cart, your customer can choose a product option, such as a poster of different dimensions, A1 or A0, for example. Each option may have a different price.
Let's create a sample page selling a sweatshirt with several size options.
You need to have a shopping cart to use this option. Find out How to set up a shopping cart.
1. Add a product card to your page

Choose any block from the Shop category. For example, let's use block ST200. Go to the Content menu, upload a product image, add its description and price.
2. Add product parameters in the Content menu

Go to Content. In the Variants field, click Add option.
Enter an 'option name' in the field on the lefthand side. Then enter option values with a line break between each value in the field to the right.
If an option value differs from the base option, add = and its price (numerical values only).
Save and close the page. The product card now features our set parameters and a drop-down menu.
Publish the page. Don't forget to add a shopping cart to the page.

The buyer can now select their desired product option before adding the item to the cart. When a seller receives a purchase notification, they will see which product option has been purchased.
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