How to create your own template

Create a page, design it as you like, save it as a template and use for further work.
There are more than 200 ready to use templates in the Tilda library. You can use them to create your own pages by replacing photos and text. A template can be changed dramatically — this is only a sample of good design and example of block using.
You can save pages with your own design as a template and use in further work. For instance, if you have a multiple pages website and there are a lot of typical pages inside. Or you are creating personalized landing pages for different clients and you have the common base and change only some part of a page.

Your own templates can be useful as well when you work in team — designer create a template, marketer change content. Or central office creates design and branches correct content.

Please find the instruction on how to save a page with your design as a template and how to transfer it to another user.
1. To create a template go to Page Settings → More and put the checkbox «Make page as Template».
After this the template will appear in the tab ’My Templates‘ while you are creating a new page.
How to create a template for using in another account
A template can be used in another account if you allow it. The instruction how to transfer a template to a colleague.
The option of creating a template that can be used by other users is available for Year Business plan only.
1. In Page Settings → More you put the checkbox 'Allow other users create pages on this template by special number'.
2. Tell your colleague the template number.

3. A colleague presses the button 'Create new page', scroll the page till the end, press the button 'Enter template ID' and put the number that you say.

4. A new page that based on your template is being created in your colleague account.
A number of a template is unique. The creation of a new page that is based on your template is possible only if you know the number.
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