Data Capture. Google Form

Google Forms help you create a poll, make up a list or collect email addresses. Data is collected and stored in an online table at Google Drive.
Create a form at Google Drive. New > More > Google Forms.
Create the fields (items) you need. For instance, if you are after names and emails of your potential customers, create two fields: "Name" and "email". The names of the fields will only appear in the table, so only you will be able to view them.

Set the question type "Text" for these fields.

Click the "Send" button.
A window will pop up. Copy the link to the form you will see there. Click "Done".

The system will offer you to create a table to collect data from the forms. Click "Create".

The table will appear at your Google Drive.
Go to Tilda. Go to the Site Settings > Forms > Google Forms. Add the link you copied at the previous step and the domain you will use after the project is published. There can be several domains.

If, for example, the name of your project at Tilda is, but you are going to use your own domain or export your project and host it at your own server, then you should enter the domain your website will be using in the end.

Activate the form.
Go back to the page with the form and open the menu of the "Content" block.
Check "Connected Services" and "Google Forms." Insert hints for the fields, the button text and message to display in the event of successful data capture.
Publish the page. The contact form is ready!

If anything fails to work, please make sure your page has the same address you entered in the form settings.
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