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To create a website on Tilda you don't need special skills. If you have a question most likely you will find an answering bellow.
How to remove label 'Made on Tilda' in the footer?
If you purchase Personal or Business Plan for year, you have an option in site settings to remove "Made on Tilda", that placed on all pages by default.
Page Editing Tools
You need no specific skills to create a site on Tilda. But if you have a question, you will most probably find an answer to it in one of the sections below.
Watch our video-guide on main functions: Basic Editing Tools, Block Settings, Cover Settings and Gallery Settings. Watch the more detailed video to find out more Tilda's features.
What's the difference between a project and
a page?

A project is your future site. It may consist of several pages (a portfolio site, magazine or blog) as well as of just one page (a landing page or longread).

What makes it different is settings: a certain style (e.g. fonts, colors) is assigned to the
whole project, you also assign a domain. Thus, if you want to create several interactive stories (long-reads) in one style (fonts and colors) and assigned to the same domain, one project would be enough. If you are after several independent pages with different styles, which will be assigned to separate domains (e.g. landing pages for different customers), then you may need several projects.
Site settings
Email Campaign Builder
Creating email marketing campaigns is now easier than ever ― construct newsletters out of blocks in Tilda.
For developers
Integrate Tilda with your site through API. In this case, the header and footer will automatically upload from your site while the content will be coming from Tilda. For a smoother integration of the project and the design of your site, styles can be redefined on default by an external CSS file.
Export totally awes. I expected my hair to stand on end, but you have sorted
everything into folders, quite technically – even code sources come without header/footer in /files. Respect! Got it on through php and nginx in under 30 minutes with but tiny tweaks.
Maxim Beryozkin
Tilda will help you create a project to be
really proud of

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