Adding your contacts database to UniSender

Register on UniSender or log in to your account.
Click on you login details in the top right-hand corner. Click on Account settings on the drop-down menu.
When the page opens, choose Integration and API. Copy the API access key. You will need it to set it up on Tilda. Do not forget to enable the API.
Open, go to site Settings > Forms > UniSender
Fill in the form in order to connect to UniSender. Paste the previously saved API key in to the corresponding field. Then click on the link inside the grey rectangle. A UniSender setup page will open.
By clicking, you will be taken to the list of available lists. Click on the desired list in your account before importing your contact base. Copy the list ID.
Important: after connecting UniSender to Tilda, you need to return to UniSender and configure the "Opt-In and Opt-Out Tools". If you do not do this, the contacts will not be included in this list.
Go back to Tilda. Enter the mailing code. Specify the domains that will host the subscription form. This field will be populated by default by the domains specified in the site Settings. Click Save.
If you've done everything right, a site settings page telling you that UniSender has been activated, will appear.
Go back to the page, add the block with the form and open the content settings menu. Tick the box 'UniSender'. Publish the page. Your form is ready.
Important: After activating UniSender on Tilda, go back to UniSender and configure the Subscription management tools. Should you fail to do this, your contacts will not be added to this list.
If contacts fail to appear, here's what might have gone wrong:
— You did not fill in the form on the Subscription management tools page;
— You filled out a from in a specific domain while a different domain is specified in the receiver settings;
— You deleted a receiver, then created a new one without adding the new receiver and republishing the page.

Troubleshooting: By going to site Settings > Forms and clicking 'More details' for the desired service, you will see the last five errors that occurred while adding contacts to UniSender, as well as the number of contacts received.
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