How to avoid errors in the forms
Note: It is important that the page must be published after configuring the forms services. Please check this first.
The form block didn't send the full submissions to a storage service
If you're not receiving form submissions when connected to data storage service, or if the submissions are incomplete, there are a couple of potential causes. You can check a Errors log in the Leads menu.
Click on the Leads on your project page
Then go to the Error log to read an error text
There are date, name of a service and error text in the log.
We have identified error codes for data receivers and described the causes and potential solutions in the table.
Errors while filling out forms
«Data cannot be sent» error message
There are two potential causes of this error:

1) Your current domain name isn't listed in Site Settings → Forms → General forms settings;
2) There are no active services in the Form Block Content. At least one service must be checked.
«Please correct email» or «Please correct phone number» messages
This is a data validation messages for phone or email data fields. If you don't want to use a field validation, you should to switch it off or change a field type in the Block Content.
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