Data Input Fields

How to configure data input fields – email, telephone number, etc.
There are five ways to receive captured data: via email, Google Form or SendGrid, by adding contacts to a MailChimp mailing list or sending the captured leads directly to AmoCRM.
The general scheme for all services is:
1) In Site Settings you choose the service and fill all necessary fields out;
2) Go to your Website Page, add block with a form and choose the service in Block Settings;
3) Publish the page.
You can also use your own script which will capture data from contact forms linking to it in the "Block Settings". Data is transmitted via the POST method. The names of alternating fields can be changed if required in the "Block Settings". Data can also be transmitted without refreshing page (AJAX).
Integrated Services
Click to go to the certain service instruction page.
Sending data to email
Saving data on Google Forms
Sending data to your email through SendGrid
Adding contacts to mailing list
Adding contacts/leads at AmoCRM
Receiving data from forms to your script
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