Data capture forms

How to capture leads, receive notifications in your email or Google Forms,
create email marketing lists or send leads to CRM.
To collect client data, add your favourite block from Form and button, edit the fields and publish the page.
Sent data will be stored in the Leads section of the website. You can always connect one of these 15 data capture services integrated with Tilda.
Adding and setting up a data capture form
Blocks with forms can be found in the Form and button category, with a few in the Cover category. You can find ready-to-use templates (forms with multiple fields) in the Forms category.
Integrated data capture services
This is how you can connect these services:
1) In site settings choose one (or several) of 15 data capture services, fill out all necessary fields and activate the service;
2) Go to you the web page, add the block with the form, choose the services you want in the block settings. Save changes;
3) Publish the page.
You need to be an active subscriber to be able to use data capture services. If you are exporting your website, host it on your own server and stop paying your subscription fee, you need to use your own script to capture data from contact forms.
Errors in data capture forms
After connecting third-party services, we recommend that you test that leads are sent and reach data receiving services.
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