Configuring HTTPS on your website
HTTPS is the protocol for the transmission of data using a cryptographic SSL connection. To configure it, you need to install a digital SSL certificate.
Preparing for installation of an SSL certificate
Before uploading the certificate, you need to:

1) Change the IP address that your domain points to and modify the settings of your subdomain.
2) Disable redirects http→https and www→without the www in case they were enabled.
How to change the IP address for an A record (or 'address record') if you purchased your domain on Tilda
(or received it as a bonus with our annual subscription).
Go to Domains → Domain details and settings → USE IP HTTPS.

The DNS records for your new domain name will be updated in 24 hours.
I did not use Tilda to register my domain name. How can I change the IP address for an A record?
Go to your domain registrar (such as godaddy or, then open the DNS, or Zone Management, menu of your hosting control panel.

1) Change the IP address for an A record to
2) Modify settings for the subdomain. You can do it in two ways:
  • Remove a CNAME record and add an A record with the subdomain such as www, for example, and the address
  • Leave a CNAME record as it was. Replace with your domain
(see screenshot)

The DNS records for your new domain name will be updated in 24 hours.
Installing an SSL certificate
After changing the IP for the domain, disabling the redirects and waiting for 24 hours, you can generate the SSL certificate.

Go to site Settings → Analytics and SEO → Tilda Webmaster Panel → HTTPS settings.

Click Next step to generate your free Let`s Encrypt certificate.
Wait for 5-30 minutes. The certificate has been connected. Your website now opens using the https certificate.

Now you can set up a redirect from http to https again.

The certificate is issued for the period of two months. After that, it is renewed automatically.
Important: After clicking 'Get certificate' the system will start settings checks. In case of any errors, the next check will take place after 12 hours.
1. An A Record doesn't point to
Solution: Change the IP for an A Record to

2. A CNAME record is directed to
Solution: Change the address for the CNAME record – replace with your own domain

3. DNS domain records have not yet been updated
Solution: Wait for 24 hours

4. Redirects such as http→https and www→without the www are set up in site Settings
Solution: Remove redirects in site Settings > Analytics and SEO > Tilda Webmaster's Panel > Page redirects

5. A password is set on the site or IP access is restricted
Solution: Remove site access restrictions in Page preferences > Restrict access

6. Home page has not been assigned
Solution: Assign the home page in site Settings > Home page

7. Home page isn't published
Solution: Publish the home page
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