How to optimize search engine results

Title, description and keywords for search engines.
As default, search engines will show the information you added to the tab "Main" in the page settings.
Customized metadata and keywords for search engines
If you'd rather the data for search engines and social networks differed from that in the page settings, then go Page Settings > Facebook and SEO > Customize appearance in search.

Fill out the fields "Title" and "Description" – these will show up in search results and when they are published on social networks.
Still at "Facebook and SEO", go to "Appearance in search" and add keywords to improve your search results. Add more keywords separating them with a comma.
If required, search engines may also be forbidden to index the page. Check the appropriate box, save the changes and publish the page for the changes to apply.
How do search engines index a website made on Tilda? Where does the traffic go?
All the content is hosted by your site so it is your website, your brand and your URL that get indexed. Only in the very first case, when you use a Tilda subdomain, visitors, as they do, come to

If you wish your website to come up among the first results on the search engines, you need to understand the principles of SEO optimization. We do not provide such a service, but can recommend some further reading: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google
How to add a favicon?
You can upload a favicon in the Site Settings → More → Favicon and republish all pages.
Also you can add a Apple touch icon and png icon for Windows 10 in the Site Settings → Analytics and SEO → Tilda Webmaster Console → Edit favicon.
Favicon isn't showing. What to do?
Firstly make sure that all your pages are republished and clear your browser cache and restart your browser.

If favicon isn't showing in the search results or advertising systems (e.g. Yandex Direct), there are some delay. It may last up to few weeks to complete site recrawl in search engines.
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