How to add product filters and search

Options for product blocks in your Product catalog
Product search and filters help customers find the goods they need easier and faster. Here's how to set up filters using the Product catalog.
Use the Product catalog to add filters. If you do not already have a catalog, read How to add products using Product Catalog.
Setting up filters
Click on the tab 'Filters' in the Product catalog interface to add filters.
Click on the link 'Create a filter' to select an option.

With the help of the 'Show search field in filter' and 'Show sort control lines' checkboxes you can add or remove goods search or filter options by their name, price and the time they were added.
Choose a filter type.
Add a filter based on product variant properties and their characteristics such as availability or category.
After you have chosen the type of filter you want to apply, enter its title and how many filter variants – one or several – you want to have on your product page.
Once you've added it, the filter will appear in product blocks automatically.
To hide a filter, go to the block's Settings → Filters and sections.
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